i was looking over all of the der riese radio transmissions when i heard this one it made me start to think so i listened to it one more time and this is the hgiiden message treyarch gave to its fans dear fans we are running out of ideas and funding for world at war zombie maps. we are very close to making an amazing map .. we are working on a new game as we speak. we aren't going to make any more map packs for world at war as we must focus at the game at hand. we have started several early tests so we know that the game is perfect. and we hope to release the game in the next year work however has come to astand still we simply do not have enough ideas to further the games progress. the tests have proved a sucess in the game so far but without more ideas we must wait for further ideas to come we have said we found a locaition for the map and several others in different parts of the world thefirst of which is an airplane hanger in the nevada desert. but this cannot be done without enough funds and if you do not leave us alone long enough to complete us get off our back you **************************************************************************************************************! heres a link to

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