The title's pretty self-explanatory. What's the craziest/luckiest kill you've ever seen (either scored yourself or seen via killcam)?

Mine would have to be a TDM match on Derail. I was going for my last M4 challenge (Extended Mags: 40 penetration kills with FMJ, which is a huge PITA I might add), and the match was almost over. I was in that big warehouse in the middle and I had just gotten hit by a sniper. I duck behind a wall to regenerate my health and I fire a short burst through the wall, not expecting to hit anything. Well, you can probably guess what happened next: "Headshot!, Longshot!, Buzzkill!", I managed to headshot the poor guy blindly through the wall without even knowing where he was. I wish I could have seen his face when he saw THAT on the killcam...

Anyone else have any crazy kills they'd like to share?

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