Unfortunately I have college classes the day MW2 comes out, but here's what my day's going to be like.

7:00AM: Wake up, wish I would allow myself to skip classes, just once.

7:50AM: Leave the house

8:10AM: Arrive, College Algebra. Wish I was home playing MW2

9:50AM: Government and Politics. Wish I was home playing MW2

11:30AM: Public Speaking. Fall asleep during someone else's speech. Wish I was home playing MW2

1:00PM: Lunch. Consider skipping English Comp to go pick up MW2.

1:30PM: English Comp. Curse my decision to stay for my last class.

3:00PM: Drive home

3:20PM: Let the dog out, drive to Best Buy.

3:40PM: Pick up my MW2 Hardened Edition (WOOOOT!), stop at the gas station on the way back to pick up a case of MW2 Monster and the biggest bag of kettle chips I can find.

4:00PM: Arrive home. Play as long as I can without passing out.

So that'll be my day. What about you guys, anyone doing anything special for the release of what's going to be the best game of the year?

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