• WunderWaffleOfDoom

    Hi, it's me, WunderWaffleofDoom. I am planning to build a Call of Duty empire in order to rule the world!! No, but seriously though, I'm going to be making amazingly epic guide apps for Call of Duty. I'm going to be needing help, and lots of it (I'm only 13). According to this handy dandy "Making an App" guide I'll be needing:

    • Somebody with the ability to discern what works/doesn't work in existing iPhone Apps.
    • Somebody who can do market research.
    • Someone who can do Sitemap creation/outlining app functionality.
    • Somebody for/who can do GUI design
    • (Of course) Somebody who's good at programming
    • Somebody for App promotion and marketing.
    • Also I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what the F*** a non-disclosure agreement is.

    Alot of this stuff shou…

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