A lot of people play the video game, "Call of Duty". Its a very popular game sreies. It's not just the multiplayer action that attracts people, and it's not it's decent campaign. It's because of a certain side story. That would be "Nazi Zombies". Now if you don't know what Nazi Zombies it's basically a section of the Call of Duty Black Ops game you can play with 3 starter maps. "Kino Der Toten, Five, and Dead ops arcade". There's actaully other maps you can play too. There's 4 characters, "Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo, or Richtofen". You try to survive as long as you can against non ending waves of Nazi Zombies, getting different weapons, setting traps, sticking togther, and upgrading your character's weapons and power. Good luck!

Call of Duty World at War (Nazi Zombies)

Now if you've played Call of Duty World at War, you probably know that, that's where the original Nazi Zombies showed it's first appearance. Once you play and beat the game, you get to play Nazi Zombies, but in order to play it you have to beat it, then you can play when you want. This actually tended to piss off a lot of Call of Duty fans, so they stopped playing it. So when Black Ops 1 and 2 came out, this all "Changed".

When Call of Duty Black ops came out rumor said;  "People can only play on Zombies when they first get the game because of what happened in Call of Duty World at War". Now if you put this short puzzel all together it fits in doesn't it?

Think about it, message me if you think it's true, if you don't give me your feedback anyways, thanks. Don't forget. you can add me on Xbox Live "xWilliam45x"

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