you see there are some cod titles forgot by the modern noobs.Cod 4,3 and 2 and red one all of which are "classic gems" cod 4 is the best paced and is the starter of the franchises popularity the hacking is uncommon but be careful if you must some of my friends have been hacked to rank -1 go to a infector and get them re ranked.I had to sadly and I feel digraced for it truly.To put 4 into words "the best kind of simple".

cod 3 came out in 06 this is my favorite of the 3 (irony) it is the best ww2 cod it is the prequel to WAW you could say it is class based making it more personal and the two factions suprise ARE Diffrent class wise for example the germans get the stg44 it has 30 round mag less dmg and a higher rpm than the allies hard hitting high recoil 20 round BAR.So each class is diffrent on both sides except for the medic class.The class system is sadly not in any other games its all custom classes which take away from team work.The maps are so memorable and WELL designed there is the small town of Les ormes the massive briged Eder dam and the most varied possion which has a ring around and a cqc town inside.The games modes are awsome war is great and the CTF is the best in cod history.Now this game you could argue is WAW without hackers which is AWSOME! hackers are amazingly rare.This game is only 20$ on xbl and psn and maybe even less at your local  game store it is well worth a buy.

now 2 is well my first we all have one a vast majority is cod 4 but 2 is the more ww1 esc with emphisis on historical battles and it well is like a 'interactive war documentery' and is for ww2 fans mainly and improves the texture quality from the first one alot and AI too also provides a better challenge in single player.multiplayer is morbidly empty and almost as dead as there are dead animals also to increase playablity look for the talking while dead glitch and more gltiches in singleplayer.The best one is at the end (spoiler that doesnt matter) you shoot the commander with a gewher 34 and if you do it right he will keep walking then after his speech die and you will giggle.Others include getting a panzershrek on british levels in the desert campgian killing price after his speech and much more.

red one played only 1 hour of I need to look into it more

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