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    Hey, guys. Just so you all know this is my first blog post on this wiki (I have written SEVERAL on other wikis) so don't be hating on me. Similar to the 'Some zombie polls' blog by Damac1214, I will be posting polls on zombies. Let's get to it then!

    I'm gonna have to say the Green Run Group on this one. I admit, Green Run wasn't the best map. But the characters are awesome in my opinion. Again, opinions.

    For this one it's Black Ops. Ascension was by far the best, but Mob of the Dead looks promising. As a Season Pass holder, I will have to wait for Uprising, due to me being a PSN player.

    Like I said above, Ascension was the best. Although Mob of the Dead does look very promising.

    For me it has to be Diner because I love camping out on the roof …

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