• XxATDxX

    Dream Class

    April 28, 2010 by XxATDxX

    - it can be any CoD4, WaW, or MW2 guns, and they can be mixed.

    - up to 4 attatchments on primary w/ camo.

    - 3 attatchments on secondary, which can be a laumcher(no attatchments), machine pistol, or handgun

    - 3 perks from any tier

    - one of the perks can be deathstreak

    ex- mine would be G36c w/ MW2 ACOG, Silencer, Ext mags, and M203 Grenade Launcher, red tiger + M93 Raffica w/ akimbo, silencer, and FMJ

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  • XxATDxX

    2nd MW2 map pack

    April 23, 2010 by XxATDxX

    i created a blog titled Modern Warfare 3, but i thought that i was looking too far ahead. instead of looking 2 yrs into the future in a whole new game, maybe we should only think aheead a couple of months. what do you think should be on the 2nd map pack, or if you even think there will be one

    just give me your thoughts

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  • XxATDxX

    xbox live

    April 3, 2010 by XxATDxX

    who has xbox live, and wat is your gamertag

    plz, no PS3

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  • XxATDxX

    Modern Warfare 3

    February 20, 2010 by XxATDxX

    in the text box below, type what you think IW should change for Modern Warfare 3. it can be to add/take away weapons, factions,weapon attachments, weapon camoflauges, perks, and/or maps

    Ex. remember CoD4, in all ghillied up, the M21 had grass on it, well that would be sweet if you could put that on a sniper rifle

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