My Opinion about Call of Duty 7: Black Ops Multiplayer & Zombies


Does Nazi Zombies need a difficulty setting?

The answer is yes. I'm not complaining that it's too hard or I can't get past Round 5, but does anyone think that the CoD Zombies Mode needs the ability to change difficulty? Aren't you pissed when people steal your kills, hog the Mystery Box, teleport without you, open the wrong doors, have the worst possible internet, or just suck more balls than Guiness World Records can count? I'm pissed and tired of it. It's a waste of time. I'm obviously better off on my own, easily getting to Round 35 and when I try, I can get to Round 40-43. Just like in Campaign where you choose Recruit, Regular, Hardened, or Veteran, you should be able to do the same for Zombies before you choose a map. This should clear up the impossible "4 players = INSANE Difficulty, 3 players = HARD Difficulty, 2 players = NORMAL, and 1 player = EASY" default setting. Otherwise, new players will NEVER be able to get pass Round 5. New players will generally need a guide or someone to do a live game to demostrate the best way to survive. Now I know Solo is different from Split-Screen/Online, but it's impossible to play with other people. Split-Screen is fine but my friends aren't that good either. They play Xbox or PC while I here with the PS3. By the way, I don't do this console wars thing, it doesn't matter as both basically have the same features. So shut up, don't comment about what console to buy, and stick to what you've got.

The weapons aren't as good as you think...

You may think: "You've just haven't gotten the Ray Gun or Thunder Gun noob." The truth is, I did get the Ray Gun. At least 100 times already. If you read the above, you should guess that I played Zombies about a million times with other people, helping them to get a higher record. But the Ray Gun is somewhat annoying. I get it, and die with it. Usually because some stupid noob won't move out of the way or I lose all my ammo. But sometimes, some overpowered zombie crawler will come up and "trap" me in the middle of the room (Camping is for scared noobs), I shoot him but the retared splash damdge from the Ray Gun will down me, even if it's upgraded. And the Thunder Gun is awesome though the ammo capacity is smaller than the amount of poo I eat (which is none) compared to the MP40, HK21, RPK, Ray Gun. Even at Max Ammo, the M1911 has more than it. I know you might think "If the Thunder Gun had 80 tanks of compressed air (which is the ammo type you immature losers out there), then Zombies Mode would be too easy and boring." But the zombies multiply (That's what she said) by like 2 or 3 times each round so you deal with more than 100 zombies from Rounds 1-11 easy. And the Thunder Gun only shoves the zombies that are too far for the air to suffocate and kill the zombies so technically, Treyarch so either increase ammo, or give the capability to the Thunder Gun to kill with one shot whenever a zombie is caught in the blast, The Monkey Bombs are fantastic, and saved me more times than I lived (If saving once = a day). Okay, I'm not that young, or that old but you get the point.

Utilities are underpowered!

Here is where I give a speech about how useless, pricey, and underpowered the Utilities are (Sentries, Traps, etc.). The Sentries are basically a way to waste money. Their damage can't kill a Juggernaut for Nikolai's sake (My favourite Zombies Character. Able to drink vodka and kill at the same time.), and they only last for a minute or so. Plus, they cost 1500 points and that's enough to buy Quick Revive and save the best player on your team (If you're lucky enough to get one), and that's 500 more than the electro-traps in Kino or the burning ones on Ascension, both are a way better bargain. They kill instantly. And the electro-trap thingys (I don't bother remebering names, as long as it's useful, I don't care) are a bit risky, not underpowered, but risky. Use the traps on Kino/Ascension and you'll have to wait for like a year just to reuse it. Overall it's the best bet you;ll get in order to clear out Zombies or if you have no ammo.


Hackers, Glitchers, and Noobs.

This is probably Treyarch's golden jewel of Black Ops. But it hasn't impressed me. Sure, it has a new gambling mode, a new noob-tube, a theatre for show-offs, a practice mode (Combat Training) for noobs or new players, and new Care Package-only Weapons. Lotsa new stuff. But none of it will have value once hackers, noob-tubers, lag, glitches, and overpowered weapons come into the equation. Hackers, lag, and overpowered weapons are the biggest reasons why I barely play anymore. 15th Prestige losers who suck are annoying. The AK-74u Rapid Fire is so OP'd (Overpowered) that 4/5 of my classes have it JUST to counter those spraying idiots who pray every game to get a headshot while hip firing. I haven't prestiged because it would be HELL trying to survive without having some good guns for back-up. I'm level 50 Prestige 0 by the way. And the hosts! OMFG, They usually have the crappiest internet connection in Universe History. I bet Buzz Lightyear has better internet. In fact, the aliens from ET, Aliens VS Predatos, and such have better internet. Famous little Bumble Bee has better internet. Okay, they obivously do cuz their civilization is so much mroe advanced and you get my point. I've been disconnected like a million times already and died more times than I got disconnected. Lag is so frustrating here that whenever I take a step, I teleport a hundred times. And whenever I do a jump-shot or a drop-shot, or just a dolphin dive, I do two hundred of those. Hackers are gay. I met a 15th Prestige Level 50 who had a mike and listed off all the hacks he was using (he sounded like an 8 year-old) which were: Aim Bot, and Infinite Ammo. I'm sure he was using more but he joined the lobby at the last minute while I customized my class (which I do every game now). I decided to stay and see if he was on my team but I forgot to report him and when the teams got chosen, ALL the prestiges were my enemy. So I left right as soon I as saw that. Anyways, the team balancer is SO RETARDED I MEAN IT. I leave the lobby almost every time I join one. Not to hope for a hacker on my team but because the hackers are on the enemy team and/or all the level ones are not my team. Treyarch should have an equal number of level 1's on both teams and same for level 50's and the mid point would be level 25 where you get put in Level 50's range. Otherwise, you get stuck with noobs a lot. and those Prestiging A's will get noob-boosted even though no one is letting them. I report all the hackers I encounter by the way so if you're hacking and you come across me, say good-bye to your account cuz I'm not hesitating for hackers even if you're on my team. I play fair and that's that. Cheating is for players who suck or hasn't tried playing the real game.

That's all I have to say for now and I gurantee that I'll have more when Treyarch fixes glitches and bans hackers. I play PS3 and if you want to add me just type: "XxGodOfPwnxX". Don't forget to tell me your source of my GT is or else I'll think you're a stalking noob player who needs my help (I've got plenty of those in MW2. I'm 10th prestige Level 30 or so and I didn't hack. If I did, I'd rather be Level 70; 10th Prestige. Though I did stumble across a random hacked lobby, I left before it said: "Unlocking Challenges 30/100". This is before IW started banning hackers.) So yeah. Add me if you want, and don't forget to comment below. TRY NOT TO SPAM WITH CONSOLE WARS OR SPAM YOUR GT.

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