The 'legendary' old crew, consisting of Tank Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Dr. Edward Richtofen, are often compared to Abigail "Misty" Briarton, Marlton Johnson, Samuel J. Stuhlinger, and Russman, our current crew. Both have their fans, and haters, but, the new crew has way more haters, and the old crew has way more fans. However, I strongly dislike the old crew, and a lot of friends, and randoms on Youtube always pick on me by my views, despite it being a video game, so I decided to write I blog on why I dislike the old crew, and have grown to love the new crew.

Tank Dempsey

Ah, Tank. One of the old crew. When you think of an American, 'pow pow pow', marines, and vulgar language, and you're a fan of CoD Zombies. this guy will come to mind. Basically, there's little to his personality, than being a tough marine, who loves swearing, and hot chicks. Wow, great characterisation here, loving it. This is also coupled with the fact that the old crew's lines have become repetitive and stale, and Tank is no exception. Saying "Oorah", calling yourself a badass frequently, and calling zombies maggot sacks, really does not cut it for me, nor interest me in the slightest, and his annoying yelling voice doesn't help at all. Not funny, not interesting.

Nikolai Belinski

This drunk Russian is arguably the most popular Zombies character, and for what? Killing his wives with shotguns, axes and other crap, murdering people to get ahead in his career, and vodka. Just, vodka. What is so funny about vodka, and wanting to drink all the time? I get the Russian Stereotype, but seriously, I'd say over half of his quotes reference vodka, or another alcoholic drink, and it's quite annoying really. "Don't touch my vodka, turn on power, drink." Btw, I think a Kardashian marriage lasts longer than his. PS - Get some new lines if you return, please. <3 If you find vodka quotes and killing wives just ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS, I question your sense of humor.

Takeo Masaki

There is nothing interesting about Takeo, really. "Emperor this, honor that." Honor is a Japanese Samurai custom, but, it does not make for an intruiging character. His personality is two dimensional, and, well... he killed his own family. Really boring guy. Also, your quotes are also really boring, hopefully when he returns, he'll think of something new to say.

Edward Richtofen

Richtofen, well, he is the only member of the old crew that I sort of like. He was interesting in Shi No Numa and Der Riese, I'll give him that, until he became boring like the rest throughout Black Ops. But once he became Demonic Announcer, I don't know, I just grew to like him. His little German accent shouting the power ups, and other stuff, I don't know, I found it perfect. Also, I loved how he joined Samuel's body, and they were going to play games, have fun, and it was going to be exciting. Unfortunately, it's probably not going to last long, much to my dismay, and, I'll miss him when he sadly returns to his body, and then begins to talk about spleens and crap.

Abigail Briarton

"Misty, the girl, yeah, a girl. It's surprising, but, it's a girl with big boobs! OMG!" That's probably the reason of 90% of her fanbase, but, I love her, and not because of her Juggernogs. Misty, like Dempsey, are both tough, scrappy, and find themselves better than the other characters. But with Misty, she's not just a marine. I actually found that she has a shred of personality, with the death of her parents, and her trying to not think about it. Unfortunately, the New Crew's backgrounds aren't explored much, but, I still love her for what I got. Misty x Marlton 4eva.

Marlton Johnson

So much people hate him, and I can understand why. Annoying, cringe worthy voice, and, nerdy. However, those are the exact reasons I love him. He's so little, scrawny, but knowledgeable, and he appears to have some backstory due to the Nuketown Zombies bunker thing, but, it's probably just a lil' cameo. Marlton also helped me understand which guns were good, and which were bad when I started playing BO2 zombies, and new guns, you gotta learn them, so I thank him for that.

Samuel Stuhlinger

Samuel's not very popular, but he's important to the storyline. But, let's talk about his character. Fat, wears glasses, probably an instant turn off for everyone. He's a conspiracy theorist, which annoy me in real life, but his quotes about the cover ups, banking conspiracies and all that other junk really made me laugh, way more than the old crew ever did, if they even could. Plus, him hearing voices in his head, and coming into contact with Element 115, joining bodies with Richtofen, add to his character. He's probably one of the more thought out characters, with a personality that isn't really, well, often used. Russman's a badass old man, Misty's tough, Marlton's a nerd, Takeo's a stereotypical Japanese guy, Tank's your American marine, Nikolai's the drunk Russian, and Richtofen's the insane German, whereas, Samuel's the conspiracy theroist, which is more interesting than the other's characters combined.



Russman, an unintelligent old man, with some wisdom, and a habit for blowing shit up. I think that wins everything in my books. Not much character, but makes up for it with his bad-assery. However, in Buried, instead of just being a homeless moron, he's explored more, and is shown to be quite wise, and worked for Arrowhead. I'd actually like to look more into Russman's story, but, due to fanservice and the old crew, the new crew are obviously going to be cut short of all the potential they had.


While both crews exibit common stereotypes, I felt the new crew did it better, where generally more interesting, didn't have much boring or repetitive quotes, and, they actually feel more like realistic survivors, which drives my Zombie loving self, whereas the old crew, just common old jokes for stereotypes, not funny at all, and completely driven by fanservice. 

These are just my opinions, it's okay to disagree with them.

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