A common mis-conception about Prestige Token.


"Will I get Prestige Token if I prestige?"

- Yes. Made sure you played 1 game.

"How can I get Prestige Token if I am the highest Prestige available?"(I.E: 10th Prestige in CoD4, CoD5, CoD6 and 15th in CoD7)

- Play one full game and your done.

"So, how many Prestige token total I can acquire?"

-Four. One in CoD4, CoD5, CoD6, and CoD7. You can't get 45 Prestige token.

"Wait. When does this end?"

- According to 402's tweets, it Doesn't end. HOWEVER, Double XP ends on Tuesday. Afterward, you can still prestige to get Prestige Tokens in respective CoD games.

"I am still confused. Do you have to prestige when your already prestiged?(before the event)"

- If you DID NOT prestiged at all, you must enter 1st prestige to get your token. If you ALREADY prestiged BEFORE this event came out, you have to play 1 full game.

"How do I know if I acquired the token(s)?"

- Until you prestiged in MW3. As of that, you can still go back and prestige in the previous games to get your missing token(s).

"What if I had been hacked?"

- Highly doubt that IF you are any prestige level, you still can get your token because you are in a prestige rank. Basically, Yes, You got your token.

"Can you transfer tokens from one account to another?"

- Unfortuneatly, it has not been confirmed. Though, it likely that you can't. Same with transferring to console from console. No.

"Let me get this straight. So, basically, just prestige and play one game?"

- Correct.

"And if your already at any prestige, do you need to prestige again?"

- No. Play one full game and your done.

"Okay. So how do I redeem theses tokens?"

- Wait for MW3 :)

If your question hasn't been answered, feel free to leave a comment, and I will respond to you.

P.S. Tell teh guy to re-word his blogs.. :D

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