Hey guys, I'm new to the wikia and I'm happy to be here and able to share my opinions and such. So anyways, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 is coming soon and so is Black Ops Declassified. Now as most of you know, everytime you search Black Ops Declassified on google, you get nothing but hate about the game. Well in my opinion, I don't believe it will fail at all really and heres why:

Story: Declassified takes you on an in-depth campaign which takes place between Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2. Now when I first heard this I thought to myself, what could there possibly be to explain here? Black Ops 2 already tells what happens after the first one so, why bother getting this one? Well do we know that Black Ops 2 picks up RIGHT after Black Ops 1? No, because its not out yet. We don't know if it picks up right after or several years after the first one. Now as a gamer, I usually look for story and since Declassified covers the story in between Black Ops 1 and 2, to me the story doesn't feel totally complete. Its like a novel book, it gives every little detail and with every detail it makes the story make sense and flow.


Like any other game, gameplay is crucial in order for it to be successful. No I'm not one of those people that criticize a game because the graphics suck, it really depends on the gameplay like does it run smoothly? Is it playable? You know what I mean. Anyways, everyone says that the gameplay for Declassified will surely suck, but I disagree. Here are links on youtube that shows hands on footage of the game.

Another complaint I've also read is that the player count is too small. 4v4 multiplayer kills the experience. Now if you about it, 4v4 is still playable. I mean Halo's Slayer mode is 4v4 and even Left 4 Dead 2 versus is 4v4. In my opinion, I don't blame the developers for not including a larger player count. Nihilistic IS NOT as big as a developer like Infinity Ward or Treyarch so cut them some slack.

Other Modes:

Now if you guys have also been listening (or reading) to news lately, Activision said "Zombies will not be featured but a similar mode "Hostiles" will be featured". Now for all of you zombie slayers out there DIEING to kill zombies on Call of Duty on the go, sadly its not there. I've read a lot of articles about this and most people comment "Zombies was the only thing that would get me to buy it". Now keep in mind, we have hostiles mode. What is hostiles mode? Hostiles mode is pretty much survival mode from MW3. Now I liked survival mode just as much as Zombies because it keeps most of the elements similar like endless waves of enemies, perks, and massive arsenal of weapons to choose from to defend yourself with. So if you liked survival mode from MW3, you're pretty much getting the same thing in Declassified.


I'm definitely buying this because when I'm out or away from my PS3 which will have Black Ops 2, I would like to have an FPS on the go and not those wonky FPS' on the iphone you get for 99 cents. Quite Frankly if you're a Call of Duty fan and want to game on the go WITHOUT lugging your home console around, you should get this. Thanks for reading my first blog and hope you enjoyed it.

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