Hey guys I'm new to this site. I think some perks can be hated on more than other features (well atleast in mw2) so Treyarch should be carefull of what perks they put in the game. Here are some of my perk ideas:

Quick Swap: Change from primary to secondary faster

Couldn't think of a name for this one, but go into prone faster for better dropshots

Pro Ghille: When you scope in, you automatically hold your breath

Acrobat: Higher jumping

Superhero: 50% less falling damage

Amplifier: Hear enemy footsteps louder

Extreme stealth: When you kill someone, there is no killcam

Grudge: If you get killed twice in a row by the same player, that player automatically dies once

Sharpshooter: No recoil on sniper rifles

Feel free to comment on your own perk ideas. Hope you liked my ideas!

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