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  • Xxxrottingalive

    Yes it has been one year since i joined the Call of Duty Wiki and i will hope to stay apart of it for years to come.

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  • Xxxrottingalive

    COD7/ Black Ops

    August 10, 2010 by Xxxrottingalive

    Do you guys thing there will be a beta for call of duty black ops?

    Thoughts below.

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  • Xxxrottingalive

    Some things that Infinity Ward Need to Fix In the MW2 Multiplayer

    1. Spawning System

    2. Power of the Weapons

    3. Lag (At least a little bit)

    4. Perks need to be re-configured

    5. Some things need to be deleted

    6. Some things need to be added

    That is all i can think of for now.

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  • Xxxrottingalive

    1. Spawning System

    because i spawn and then die 2 seconds later

    2. Over Powered Guns (FAMAS, M16)

    because for the FAMAS and M16 it is one burst one kill

    3. Semi-Automatic Guns (FAL & Striker)

    because the FAL & Striker people get mods for thier controlers that make the guns unstoppable.

    4. Lack of guns that were in the single player but not in the multiplayer

    because a lot of people like the guns that are in the single player but most of them now are not in the multiplayer.

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