Hey guys! I'm YT90210 and I'm kinda new here, so I'm sorry if this post isn't good. Anyway, I've been playing a lot of MW3 lately, and I think that there are many things that make this game unenjoyable at times. So I've decided to share with you guys how I would balance MW3, from weapons to pointstreaks.

Let's start off with primary weapons. I will list the weapon and any changes that have to be made or not.

Assault Rifles

M4A1 - Same

M16 - Increased RoF, no rapid fire available.

SCAR-L - Recoil slightly increased.

CM901 - Increased RoF.

Type 95 - DRASTIC decrease in RoF, should match M16 without rapid fire, slighly decreased accuracy, no rapid fire available.

G36C - Same

ACR - Increase in recoil.

MK14 - Slight decrease in damage, minimum two shot kill.

AK-47 - Same

FAD - Slight increase in damage.

Submachine Guns

MP5 - Slightly less recoil.

UMP45 - Very slight decrease in power.

PP90M1 - Slight decrease in RoF, mag size reduced

P90 - Significantly more recoil.

PM-9 - Same

MP7 - Slightly lower RoF.

Light Machine Guns

L86 - Less recoil.

MG36 - Slight increase in damage.

PKP Pecheneg - Slightly higher RoF.

MK46 - Same

M60E4 - Same

Sniper Rifles

Barrett .50cal - Very slight accuracy decrease, firecap added

L118A - Same

Dragunov - Increase in damage.

AS50 - Increase in accuracy.

RSASS - Mag size reduced, firecap added.

MSR - Same


USAS 12 - Increased range.

KSG 12 - Increased range and damage.

SPAS-12 - Increased range.

AA-12 - Same

Striker - Longer reload, damage reduced.

1887 - Same

Now on to the secondaries.

Machine Pistols

FMG9 - Dramatic RoF decrease, mag size reduced.

MP9 - Slightly lower RoF.

Skorpion - Same

G18 - Less recoil.


USP .45 - Same

P99 - Slightly higher damage.

MP412 - Slight reduction in recoil.

Magnum - Same

Five Seven - Akimbo reload glitch fixed.

Deagle - Less recoil.

So there's every gun in a nutshell, but I want to talk about one gun in paticular, the Type 95. This gun has a ridiculous RoF, even without rapid fire, and the damage is too high. Every single time I'm killed by it, it's instantaneously. Sometimes I even think I was killed by a sniper the time to kill is so fast. The damage should be reduced to at least a 3-4 shot kill at close range, 5 shot kill at long range. The fire rate should also match the M16 without rapid fire. If I have an SMG, I shouldn't be outgunned by an AR at close range. It makes no sense.

Now onto some of the pointstreaks. I have no problem with specialist, it's just some things in support and assault I would change.

First, the Reaper should not be only 9 kills. The Reaper gives you a higher advantage over the AC-130 because the player can guide the missiles. It also baffles me that a Pavelow requires more kills than a Reaper. The Reaper should be 12 or 13 points.

Second, the EMP should be drastically fixed. I don't know who's bright idea it was to put the EMP in support, but whoever did think of it must be stupid. To disable the enemy's ability to see the HUD, know where enemies are and, to disable their killstreaks is a big thing, and all it requires is 18 kills in a match. It's ridiculous. I shouldn't be getting EMP'd 4 or even 5 times in a single match, let alone twice at once. You can even look at the descriptions of the Strike Packages. Assault "punishes the enemy team", and Support "supports your team". EMPing the enemy isn't makng the team that called it in more powerful, and getting electronics taken away for a minute seems like a punishment to me. Even though Assassin Pro is the counter, there are people that don't use Assassin, too. So the EMP either needs to be put in Assault or raised to at least 24 points.

Another thing that I would change about MW3 that would make it much more enjoyable is the map design for future maps. I've noticed that almost every map has at least one flank route where you can get directly behind the enemy. That shouldn't be existent. One team owns one side of the map, one team owns the other, that's how it should be.

I would also definately change the spawn system. At times the enemy spawns right behind me. That shouldn't be happening unless there are at least two teammates of the person that spawns behind me, which shouldn't be happening either. Also, I could get killed by an enemy and spawn either right where I can be killed and see myself being killed by the same person twice in one killcam, or right in the enemy's line of sight. Two things:

1. Every player should spawn at least 35 meters away from the person that killed them.

2. I should not be able to see someone spawn, or vice versa.

So basically that's everything I would change about MW3 to make it a great game. Please comment what you think about the post or what you would change about MW3, I'm really looking forward to hear your feedback. Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

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