I rarely do blogs, so please be honoured that I'm doing one. No? Okay.

So anyway, I'm about to be out of college for a few months and I'm looking at a few mini-projects to do to showcase my diversity for A2 and potential Oxbridge applications. It's all stuff I need to do and one thing I want to do is get to grips with video editing software for my EPQ, which will then be used as part of my Cambridge application. Obviously Bandipedia is helping me with this, as running a wikia does actually count on my personal statement (I shit you not) but I'd like to make a video that's part of a community here. Not only will it benefit my skills as a video editor which as I said, I can use as part of an EPQ later on, but it will benefit the wiki because everybody who wants a part in this will get a part and they can contribute something different to the wiki rather than your standard editing, chatmodding, vandalism...whatever you lot do nowadays.

In order to do this, I'll need high quality video of your amazing kills and moments that you've had in Call of Duty. It can be any game, but I'd like to do something in a 'progression' format, so that I start with the classic Xbox/PS2 Call of Duties and whatever you did on them before advancing up to the later Xbox One/PS4 Call of Duties. I'm not 100% sure how you can send them me, as I don't feel the wiki team would appreciate a load of files being put on here. You can upload them to Dropbox I guess, and when I get my software up and running I'll hopefully update you regularly with teasers and see how this goes! (so basically, anything recorded with a screen recorder, no camera footage)

Of course, if you don't want to take part, that's cool as well, I won't judge you for not wanting to take part. Although if you do, it would be appreciated! We've tried stuff like this in the past and it's not really worked, but I have a plan for this and I won't reveal too much, but if I need any special clips or whatever that someone may have to record seperately, I'll update.

All the best!

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