Firstly I think we need a load more realism. There's them tiny bits that just ruin the game. I mean that the voices should have been edited to be like on walkie-talkies. Not to say it is impossible, it's obviously possible, but there's the fans who like voice the way it is. And hey, why not take the bones out of dead enemies and use them as weapons. SKULL KILLS :DDD (And the fact you could suffocate enemies with them, there is so much that'd make this game so much better, I may ask fourzerotwo to improve on (I think) CoD9 (if it comes out)

Next we need a MASSIVE story. 20-odd missions isn't too good. I feel that Treyarch/Infinity Ward could make a much bigger storyline that keeps us addicted for pretty much forever. Free/cheap DLCs for later CoD games could make a great improvement just as much. By that I mean playing as a Ranger (lol, I know) fighting in many operations that you can download.

There's also the fact that we could use enemies and scenery and pretty much all of that to get more intresting kills. I've bumped into about 10 complainers in my time on MW2 saying that they want to pick up the cinderblocks (usually it's cinderblock they whinge about, sometimes it's that lightning should shoot down when destroying things or on maps like Underpass and Storm)

There's loads more I think that we could include-yeah I'm a standard whinger. Heheh :D

YellowRiolu-Always on Xbox. 20:04, October 21, 2010 (UTC)

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