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Let's compare MW2 to Black Ops

No more explaining needed. Let's cut to the chase



  • The guns are much more balanced. The only weapons that aren't that good are some secondaries, and the MP5K in later ranks. The FAL's also a bit dodgy but hipfires and snipes like Dimitri Petrenko. (Yeah man.)
  • There's no better way to wind someone up than to quickscope them while doing a death knife lunge halfway across the map.
  • The games are great when you're on a roll, much more thrilling 'cos of the better killstreaks.
  • The story mode was just awesome.
  • It's modern.
  • The HUD and engines are so good that they're re-using them.


  • Many more hackers.
  • Overpowered shotguns to the max, even the Striker can be annoying.
  • Sometimes the buttons don't work, and it works in Private Matches just fine (yeah, tested it)
  • Nobody knows real tactics and just shoot their way to glory.
  • Your teammates are not like in Black Ops, they just tea-bag each other and leave me (the best player out of the lot) to fight, put in an effort, get killed, and want that JTAG even more.
  • Spec Ops can be irritating.
  • Because it's meant to be better than Black Ops, when hackers strike I get much angrier at MW2 than in Black Ops.

Black Ops


  • A new setting, new battling, new weapons, etc
  • You can still snipe with the FAL, and the IR Scope is much better on most maps due to colour changes.
  • The Spectre kicks ass when it wants to.
  • Maps are more interactive and allows for our own custom game modes, made through imagination or the custom game mode creator.
  • Customization is ace.
  • Love the emblem feature, usually XD


  • Pissy Noob Sprayer, Chunky killing thing, Sonic's Gun, Imaginary Gun
  • Quickscoping got screwed over, it's fun on Private Matches on MW2 but Treyarch had to kill the fun.
  • I don't like the pictures random single men make for their emblems (Girls don't play much CoD)
  • I keep hearing the numbers! OH THE NUMBERS, DO WE REALLY CARE? (No, Mason. We don't.
  • RC-XD is my pet peeve.
  • Gaz. The worst perk to hit the game. (see what I did there?)
  • Everything in the game's impossible.
  • Driving just ain't realistic.
  • Droning quote fail.
  • Lag. (I forgot that how?, thanks Jar)

I can't be bothered going on. But it's just a matter of preference I guess.

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