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Ultimate CoD crossovers-what do you want?

What CoD crossovers would you like to see?

  • Gaz and Ghost as lost brothers-they always fight against each other and they both die together :P
  • Soap and Reznov. 'Nuff said.
  • Chernov and Baron. Two cowards arguing over who's the braver. Actually epicness.
  • Petrenko and Price. I dunno, it'd just be epic.
  • Reznov and Ramirez. Now that's what you call having your work cut out for you. Sorry, James.
  • Foley and Petrenko. Foley-"Petrenko! Destroy that BTR with that Javelin" Petrenko-What the hell's a BTr? What the hell's a Javelin?" *Petrenko gets blown up* That's a genuine Modern WarFail. :)
  • Nikolai and JFK. JFK'd just end up completely drunk and have a second non-canon death at a pub.

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