I know a lot of people on this wiki have been complaining recently, or if not complaining then they’ve been wondering, as to why we’re not getting World at War 2 any time soon. It has been speculated that one will come out. The thing is, and I know some people may find this harder to believe than others, but it is very unlikely that there ever will be a World at War 2. I’ll be covering hopefully every reason as to why Black Ops is effectively the sequel to World at War 2.

  • The Americans go home after the events of World at War. Roebuck literally tells the Marines that they are free to go home, as their work is done. This signals the end and it makes sense that many of them will have retired after this. Therefore, without a major plot twist, such as making up a non-existant war for the Marines to go and fight in, that's it, they will never fight again and their story cannot be continued.
  • The Russian story is continued. After Downfall, Petrenko, Reznov and the other Russians go home to a hero's welcome. Of course, this was only the idea, as Petrenko ends up dying as soon as he gets back to Russia as part of Project Nova. This sparks Reznov's fury, and obviously Reznov is part of Black Ops anyway, because his story carries on, the two games linked together through the mission Project Nova.
  • The zombie story is also continued. Yes, people have actually complained that the zombie story should go back to its roots. But why? It hasn't even finished yet. For example, one person complained on Treyarch's Facebook page that they should go back to Classic Zombies. I'm sure I speak for everyone here when I say "what the fuck?" Ah well, people make mistakes, right? At the end of Der Riese, the characters are warped forwards in time to the early 1960's, and this is shown by the quote "Who would have thought the MDT was capable of time travel?" - so there you have it. Kino, and the zombies story continues straight on from World at War.

So with all that, it's all the proof you need that Black Ops is a continuation of World at War, almost a World at War 2 if you like, just under the new (and in my opinion much cooler) name Black Ops. I hope this clears it up for you all.


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