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Killstreak Ideas for Black Ops (and a map)

3 Kills: Recon Plane. Same as UAV. SR-71 for Americans, Unknown for Russians and NVA

4: Kills: Anti-Recon Missile. Missile shoots into the air and takes out recon plane.

5 Kills: Attack Heli. Fires MG and sometimes Rockets. AH-1 for America, MI-24 for Russia/NVA

7 Kills: Supply drop. Drops two boxes. One with Enough ammo for 5 people, one with a kill streak. Huey for America, and MI-8 for Russia/NVA

9 Kills: Soldiers. Drops of 5 Regular Soldier and 1 Stealth soldier. Act like regular A.I. Dropped of by Huey or MI-8

10 kills: Napalm Strike. Plane drops a bomb that turns into a Line of fire. Possibly F-4E and a MiG

10 kills: Side Gunner. Get into a Chopper with a Minigun and go around the map Shooting enemies. Can flip to different sides of the Heli and decide where it starts. UH-1 or Unarmed (That means no rockets) MI-24.

11 kills: Attack Heli. Just like the 5 kill streak... Except it'e controlable! AH-1 or MI-24

12 kills: Air suppiuority (Pardon my spelling): 3 planes destroy 4 Killstreaks based on their kill-count. Get in dogfights with other planes. F-4E and MiGs.

12 Kills Carpet bomb. Like the stealth bomber, except The bombs are bigger yet slower. B-52 or TU-150

That's all for now. Obviously there aren't any nukes due to threats of Nuclear War.

Also here is a map i came up with!

(Name not Decided): Grassy field with Bunkers on the South and North sides. Teams: Marines (If included) vs. NVA

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