• ZNLgaming1996

    In recent news it has been discovered that Activison is being sued by a UK consumers group called 'Gamers Voice" which was set up by UK MP Tom Watson. It has recently stated that Activsion is using PS3 and PC players as Bug testers and glitch finders since it's release as after the recent patch that was ment to fix the PS3 and PC version it infact made it worse. Gamers Voice took a group of PS3 and PC games of CODBLOPS and compaired it to the XBOX version of CODBLOPS and found that the XBOX had no problems. When it came to the PS3 and PC versions of the game they had found that the game had multiple lag issues, constant server drop outs even through the hoster was right next to them, Constant host migrantions and at one point the entire ga…

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