This is my first Wiki blog on Call of Duty, after having previously written two blogs on Halo. Ever since Modern Warfare 3 was released in 2011, something has been bugging me about Survival Mode, that it was basically Modern Warfare meets Zombies, though I only really realized this once I played Zombies from Black Ops II. What I wanted and/or expected was for Survival Mode to be more like the Modern Warfare 2 Wave Defense Special Ops, Sniper Fi and Homeland Security (My most favorite Special Ops mission in both MW2 and MW3 combined), with more customization at the armories and MW2-style Juggernauts. Am I the only one who feels this way about Survival Mode?

Well, to update this blog since my last comments, I did end up getting World at War and Black Ops near the end of last year, and I can officially say that I do not understand the appeal of Zombies either for two reasons. Reason one: so much of it is DLC that I just cannot appreciate the story, since I do not have any of the DLC. Reason two: the gameplay is basically the exact same thing over and over again throughout the various incarnations only with a few unique weapons, and since I cannot get past about Wave 5 by myself in any of the various incarnations, the entire mode just does not work for me. I mean, I have never even gotten a Wonder Weapon, or even a Pack-a-Punched Weapon for that matter. I do enjoy Dead Ops Arcade slightly more than Zombies, but twin-stick top-down shooters are not really my thing.

What I meant by Survival Mode being Modern Warfare meets Zombies is, replace the Zombies, Wall Weapons, and Perk Machines, with Modern Warfare campaign-style enemies and armories, but retain the enemies becoming increasingly tougher and dealing more damage, and you have Survival Mode. So from my point of view, Survival Mode is Zombies with gun-toting Modern Warfare enemies instead of Zombies. The customization, despite being slightly more substantial than the Pack-a-Punch system in Zombies, is still somewhat limited. I mean you cannot even use the new Hybrid Sight/HAMR Scope, or even a Thermal Scope for that matter, in Survival Mode.

Maybe I do not understand the point of these survival modes, I am not very good at Firefight from Halo either, but I do not really feel like I am wasting my time at Firefight or the Modern Warfare 2 Wave Defense Special Ops, like I do with Survival Mode or Zombies.

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