All you have to do is use one man army on 3 classes and you are going to have to camp. We all hate camping but its the easiest way to get nukes. first of all use assault rifles and LMGs. use one assault with a nube tube, and the other with a silencer. The LMG has to be used with stopping power. the nube tube class needs danger close. Finally, the silenced assault rifle needs cold blooded. all should have stun grenades and claymores. Also, use ninja on all of those classes. ALL perks must be pro. Now just pick a spot to camp, and place claymores around the entrances. use the one man army to get more claymores. now camp. use the nube tube class for far away enemies, the stopping power one for close to medium-long range.

killstreak- harrier, chopper gunner, NUKE.

once you get the harrier, the rest is easy. change to your cold blooded class so you dont show up on radars and things like that. place the harrier on a really common spot on the map. if done right you should get 1-2 kills. now you only need two more. get the chopper gunner and start shooting people. when you get two kills try to shot for the other teams spawning point. if you do, you will get the nuke before the chopper goes away. now just call it in and thats it.

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