• ZombieKillerTom

    british campaign

    August 29, 2009 by ZombieKillerTom

    Before i start, just want to say hi. Well i had a sudden thought that maybe they should bring out a british campaign consisting of 6 levels and 6 new achievments if they are bringing out another map pack. Heres what i think the levels should be.

    The Marauders : Attack a german camp and destroy multiple artillery guns in Gazala

    The Rescue: Rescue Sgt Anderson from germans , then snipe multiple mortarcrews from atop a silo

    The British lead the way : Lay waste to the german line outside of the germans base in Gazala in a Tank

    The Ambush : Ambush a huge german convoy in the desert Gazala, then repel a counterattack in a small village

    The Retreat: Escape in a truck carrying wounded British, while destroying multiple german reinforcements

    The Last sta…

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