• Zombie fighter500

    alright so first off there will be a olypima shotgun doble barrle and there will be a asualt rifle both cost 500 and you can buy quick revive it will be on it cost 500 but if only if you are playing solo and were talking about solo toaday . here is a little tip trust me you'll would want to do this at the first round  you can knife the zombies and it will kill them instlly and it will also give you a  150 points  and there will be two doors one under the stair way  and one at the top both doors cost 750 and theres a m16 and it cost 1000 points  and their just might be a mystory box it cost 950  and at the other door under the stair case theres a machine gun  i can't really tell but any who theres a trap in there you can turn on but it dose…

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