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  • Zombiehunter115

    Yup.  Same deal as before.  These are weapons from CoD 4 until BOIII, as those are the only ones I've played.

    Not a lot of competition with CoD 4 shotguns, so I think this one was obvious.

    Some of you may argue that the Double-Barreled Shotgun is better, but I disagree. It might be because I was that one guy who ran the bayonet with this gun.

    Was there a doubt? Akimbo 1887, was bae. Not just for me, but for everyone.

    Stakeout with grip was my go to shotgun. With a few exceptions, my favorite shotguns are the ones you have you prime before you can continue firing.

    I know what I just said about priming shotguns, but how can I not like this gun with ammo size that big?

    I can not aim worth a damn with this gun, but when I do hit someone with that sl…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    Same thing as before, only this time it's with SMGs. So, lets get started.

    Again, I never played the multiplayer for CoD 4, but this gun was my favorite in singleplayer.

    Like I said with the STG-44, was there a doubt? This gun was a beast. IS a beast. No gun in that game could compete.

    Like the PPSh-41, this gun is also a beast. The high ammo count, the massive damage, everything.

    I remember using this gun more than any other gun in BO. I was usually that guy who ran the grenade launcher on the gun, because it's the only SMG that can.

    I don't know what it is about this gun that I loved so much. But after my second prestige, this was what I perma-unlocked.

    Before it was announced as DLC, my choice was the PDW-57 for the high ammo count. B…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    I believe another user did this once.  Can't remember who, but I figured I'd give my personal preference. I'm gonna do one from each game from CoD 4 up to BO3, as I haven't played the first three or IW. Again, my own opinion. With that said, here we go.

    Now, I was introduced to Call of Duty when CoD 4 was old news. Like My first CoD was Black Ops. So, mind you, I never played the multiplayer. With that said, it was hard for me to pick between the AK47 and the M4 Carbine. But when it came down to it, the AK47 is better in my opinion.

    Come on, was there a doubt? I didn't need to play the multiplayer to know that this was the best rifle in the game. It could be the nostalgia talking, but I'm pretty sure it's the fact that it's the only…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    All personal preference, this list. This doesn't have any particular order either.

    If you thought that I'd not include this mission, you're kidding yourself. This mission set the bar for all stealth missions. In fact, no stealth mission has come close to this level of good except for Vendetta. The convoy section scared the crap out of me.

    Speak of the devil. This mission was really good. The only reason I would put it before All Ghillied Up is because you get caught half way through. Then it no long becomes a stealth mission. But waking up in the fountain, taking out the enemies at the beginning over the sound of German bombers, the game of cat and mouse. Nostalgia trip, man.

    Now you might question me for this pick. I remember back…

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  • Zombiehunter115

    Hey, so as a few of you know I'm on the NZP wiki.  I'm also an admin over there along side Roach.  I need help with something.  I'm trying to figure out how to change our wiki's main chat into a Discord.  Like what we have on here.  I have a server, but I don't know how to make a link that goes to the server that replaces the old chat.  Can someone help me?

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