Ok, I posted a blog a lot like this one before, but I didn't get ANY feedback. I'm too lazy to type out exactly what I typed, so I'll put in the link at the bottom of the page. It was about the ultimate zombies map. It would feature every wonder weapon for the ultimate zombie killing team(4 people in max lobby, 1 tactical grenade spot for each person, 2 weapon slots for each person(minus Mule Kick). There are a total of 12 wonder weapons, 4 of which are grenades, 8 of which are guns. You do the math.), every zombie type to make the map hard(the normal zombies coming as usual, the gas zombies/phaser zombies, Romero, monkey zombies, napalm zombies, shreker zombies, and astronaut zombies are all mixed in with normal zombies, while the first spacial round is the Hellhounds, next the Thef, lastly the space monkeys, then it starts with the dogs again.), it would have to be the BIGGEST zombies map to date, every time you start a match, the characters everyone plays as will be random(The whole lobby will eather be the origanal characters, the "Five" characters, the Call of the Dead characters, or the origanal Marines. If the lobby is the origanal characters, then whoever is Richtofen will be random and will be eather Richtofen or Samantha.), will have every power-up(minus Lightning Blot), every trap and utility will somehow fit into it, will have more weapons in the box(to balance out the chances of getting a wonder weapon), you can buy ammo for EVERY weapon, including wonder weapons(You buy it off the wall like you normaly would, but if you don't have the weapon before hand, then it's basicaly the perfict way to waist your points. Because, don't you hate it when you have the Ray Gun with no ammo, and it's taking FOREVER to get a Max Ammo?), will have every perk, you can buy semtex, and when you start a match, you can eather buy Claymores or Bouncing Betties. The same thing goes for the Bowie Knife and the Sickle. This map would have to have nothing to do with the story and is just for fun. Down below are wonder weapon classes for each player to have to be the ultimate zombie killing team. Everyone should have these same things, but the wonder weapons should be different for each player. The things everyone should have are:



Speed Cola

Quick Revive

PhD Flopper

Bowie Knife/Sickle

Bouncing Betties/Claymores

The wonder weapon classes are:

The Room Clearer-Wunderwaffe DG-2, Wave Gun/Zap Gun Dual Wield, Matryoshka Dolls

Up Close and Personal-Winter's Howl, Thundergun, Gersch Divice

Killing from a Distance-Scavenger, Ray Gun, Q.E.D.

The Distraction-V-R11, 31-79 JGb215, Monkey Bomb

Leave a coment and tell me what you guys think and if you can give me a good theme of the map.

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