Ok, so this is a class setup I would use a lot.  I find it very effective and very funny as well.  My friend came up with it, so I can't take full credit.  We call it the Turtle loadout.  Here's how it works:

Primary: Whatever you want, whatever attachment you want

Second Primary: Heavy Shield

Exo Launcher: Whatever you want

Exo Ability: Exo Shield

Perk 1: Overcharged

Perks 2: Fast Hands

Scorestreaks: Whatever you want

Perk 3: Whatever you want

Wildcards: Overkill

Now when you read this you're probably thinking, "The fuck is this?  This is just two shields in my class."  And really, that's about it.  But it works because you have a shield on your back blocking bullets, and a shield in front blocking bullets.  So, the enemy player will then panic and doesn't know what to do.  In their panic, they won't know to shoot from the sides.  Then when the battery is empty, supprise them by blowing their head off.  It sounds dumb, but it works.  Try it!  Tell me how it works for you guys!

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