Ok, before I start, let me say this is my opinion of the beta. So, please don't hate. With that said, let's begin.


Honestly, I thought the gameplay was decent. When it wasn't bugging out on me, it felt really smooth. For a beta anyway. To me it felt like BOII with a "double jump". BOII was already good, and then they just made it smoother. That's just me anyway. I like how you could still shoot while vaulting over walls. It took me a bit to get used to the fact that you have to hold jump to go higher, but not that long. And the underwater gameplay was missing one thing; advanced fish AI.


I really only used two weapons and they were both the default Assault Rifle/SMG. The main reason behind that is I'm not all MLG pro and didn't get to level... I don't know. 49? I don't remember the highest level you can go. Anyway, that and the fact that (based on what I've learned on here), none of the other weapons would have really appealed to me. But I'm sure they'll fix that in the first few DLC's. Just please don't do what AW did. I don't like how there is no more knife. I lost my panic weapon. But whatever. I do think it's funny that your weapon if you have none selected is your fists.


Truth be told, I only use three; Outrider, Battery, and Prophet. I didn't like Outrider. I couldn't use the Sparrow correctly. Never did use her ability, but it sounds useful. Battery was ok. I couldn't use the War Machine right in BOII, so I didn't get her War Machine, but the Kinetic Armor was pretty good. Prophet was AWESOME in my opinion. Never used the weapon, but the Glitch. Oh, man the Glitch! It has saved me SO many times. You can say it's too over-powered, but I love it. I use it when I'm being shot at and I don't know where it's coming from. So I activate it and then they won't know where I was, giving me enough time to find the shooter and take him out.


Ok, real talk, I had more fun with this than the actual game. But, to be honest, it's just emblem editor for your gun. But the paintshop was fun. I put an American flag on my Razorback. And my friend put Kirby on his. If only one thing gets carried over to the full game that you did in the beta, I'd like it to be this. It was fun to use.

All in all it was pretty fun. I just wish there was a beta for zombies. Anyway, what did you guys think of the beta? Keep comments civil.

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