So in this blog, I'll be telling you guys my top deaths in the CoD franchise.  In this list, I'll be rating the death based on how tragic, brutal, or deserving the death is.  With that said, here we go.

  1. Ghost/Roach (tragic)
  2. Soap (tragic)
  3. Sandman/Truck/Grinch (tragic)
  4. Shepherd (deserving, brutal)
  5. Makarov (deserving, brutal)
  6. Dimitri (tragic, brutal)
  7. Alex Mason (player determaned) (tragic)
  8. Goh Xiulan (dream) (brutal)
  9. Elias (tragic)
  10. Will Irons (tragic)

So, that's that.  What death did you like the most?

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