Ok, remember when I made the blog of ideas for a specialist?  Well I was just thinking of the one I made up, and I came up with a bio for him as well as making him out of Lego and a new name.  So here it goes.

Sent back in time to before Coalescence created Virus 61-15, Anton "Deadkiller" Smirnov was the highest repected Deadkiller in all of Russia.  Although, no one believes he was sent back in time, Smirnov is still a valued member of the team.  His mission was to stop Virus 61-15 before it began, but was sent back too far.  Now he does missions here and there with his fellow specialists until it is finally time to stop 61-15 before it even begins.  He brought with him from the future a powerful gun that shoots bursts of green energy killing in one to two hits.  He also brought along gum that, when chewed, lets him mimik the apperance of anyone he chooses.

Personal Zombiehunter115 Deadkiller
What do you guys think?

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