Ok, so many of you have probably heard the rumor about DLC 5 on BOIII.  I like to stay on the fence about it.  But I've been seeing a lot of things that make it sound more and more true.  The main channel I watch on Youtube isn't like, MrTLexify or Mr. DalekJD or something like that.  I don't find them to be reliable.  The channel is COD Zombies HQ, and he only does news updates.  Anyway, I recently saw two of his videos about the topic, and it's looking more and more likely.  In the first video he goes on to say that the Brazilian dubed voice actor for Richtofen tweeted he's recording "new content".  The tweet was later taken down.  The voice actor says he isn't sure if it is a DLC 5 or what, as this guy doesn't really follow his own work.  He just voices and is done.  However, he did go on to say in an interview what he was recording about.  "Something about gravity, a theater, and space monkeys."  COD Zombies HQ goes on to say that something similar to this happened before DLC 1 of BOIII with the Brazilian voice actor.  He says that he was recording about seven to nine weeks prior to when DLC 1 was announced.  COD Zombies HQ uploaded this video on 4/20/17.  He says that if history repeates itself AND if DLC 5 is real, we should expect it on the 6th, 13th, or 20th of June.  He says the 6th sounds too early for the supposed DLC, and the 13th is also E3, so both those days wouldn't work.  Also the day before E3, Sony has a press confrence that day, and as you know, Sony gets DLC first.  They could annouce DLC 5 that day and release the following week.  So if it's real, expect it by 6/20/17 (my brithday, btw).  The second video is about how in Mexico, a preorder for additional content for BOIII has been released called Call of Duty Zombies Cronicles.  This supposed content is supposed to have not four remasted maps, but eight.  And if you live in Mexico, the Mexican version of GameStop (can't remember what it's called) has this content available for preorder.  Many people have already put money down on something is either not real or not offical yet.  If it's not real, then it would look bad for the company and they face being shut down.  And this isn't just one store that did this.  It's many of the store's different branches.  I still try to reamin on the fence, but I don't know anymore.  Talk among yourselves.

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