Someone did something like this a while ago. Can't remember who did this, but I'll do pretty much the same. This is not in order by favourite person. It's in order by whoever first comes to mind. So, here I go.

  • FluttershyOakley
  • Conqueror of all Zombies
  • Firebird-
  • Redskin-26
  • Thumbs4DaZomb
  • Callofdutyfan5696
  • Vulpes Twigy
  • Azuris
  • Phillycj
  • JPanzerj
  • Awesomesauce360
  • Sgt. Trollz
  • Random Ally
  • Sgt. Sandwich
  • Hiptechboy
  • Nitz X
  • RedDeadRevenge24
  • This username better work

There was one more, but I can't remember his/her name. In the chat, they keep asking me questions as if I'm Dempsey. You know who you are. If you're that person, and you're reading this, don't feel left out. I just can't remember your name. I'm sorry.

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