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What in the hell are they gonna do now?

Ok, does this look like the end of zombies story, or is it just me? I don't see how they could go on with the story. I mean, the blew up the Earth for crap sake. So what now? Is it the end of zombies? Because, my friend and I can just picture the guys at Treyarch thinking of what to do now. Here's what I mean:

Guy 1: "Well, we just blew up the Earth. Now what do we do?"

Guy 2: "Hmm. Let me think..........................F*CK!!!"

Any thoughts on where they're going now? Because zombies is a very popular mode. It's what made Treyarch better than Infinity Ward to most people(not saying that that's the case for me). My thinking is that it's the end of THIS zombies STORY. They could make a completly different story, with completly different characters. What do you guys think?

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