Ok.  So, basically in this blog, I wanna hear/see your guy's paintshop creations from BOIII.  If there was one thing from the beta that I wish had been saved into the full game, it was paintshop for me.  I got more enjoyment out of that than the actual game.  And I just wanna hear/see your guy's paintshops.  Now, I don't have a PS4 anymore.  I sold mine.  So, I can't exactly upload my paintshops, but I can discribe what I had.  If you feel like that would be easier than uploading yours, then do it.  Probably my two favorites of mine were on the KN-44 and the MVP.  KN-44 was interesting.  It had Kirby standing on his homeworld, Popstar on the left, the top was a tomato, and the right was just blood stains with the letters ZH on it.  I had two for the MVP.  One I called the Bat bat.  It's a bit of an inside joke.  I was playing Arkham Knight with a buddy over, and he saw me as Batman pick up a baseball bat, so he started laughing and wheezed, "It's the Bat bat."  My other MVP was Lucille from The Walking Dead.  My last favorite would have to be the Razorback.  I can't remember what was on the top or right, but the left was the American flag, and I called it 'Murica.  I think those are all my favorites.  I had more, but I can't remember what all of them were.

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