• Zretar

    Ghost Scope FTW?

    July 5, 2010 by Zretar

    This kind of thing i do which i realised most great Q-Scopers do is a kind of sniping that when done you aim down your sight a little longer then a Q-Scope but shorter then a Hard-Scope making a better use for Mid range combat... try this out if ya want and tell me about it or add me Z-r-e-t-a-r for me to show you in person. The thing is most Great Q-Scopers like Hutch just still Q-Scope but a Ghost Scope(Or as you would say G-Scope) is more accurate but out of time it take's its bad for Close range.

    One fact is that you shoot while your auto-maticly following the target but are still aiming a little to make a sure kill.

    Another is you dont need SOH Pro or Stopping power but is alot more effinct to use it.

    Try it and say how it is!

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