Variable Grenade menu icon AW
Variable Grenade
Maximum Ammunition

· 4 (SP, for each of the two forms) (can be upgraded to 5 then 6)
· 2 (MP)

The Variable Grenade is a grenade featured in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. It was seen in E3 2014 gameplay, and is a grenade that has multiple effects, that can be switched to on the fly.


The Variable Grenade is introduced in "Atlas"; it is available in two forms:


"Can cycle through Stun, EMP, Threat and Smoke. Cannot be manually detonated."
— Menu description

In multiplayer, the Variable Grenade is shot from the Exo Launcher, and can only switch between tactical grenade effects (Stun, EMP, Threat, Smoke). It cannot be manually detonated like the other Tactical Grenades.


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