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For the grenade variant, see Venom Grenade.
Venom-X model CoDG
Weapon Class


Magazine Size

10 rounds (Multiplayer)
2 rounds (Extinction)

Starting Ammunition

10+0 (Multiplayer)
2+2 (Extinction)

Maximum Ammunition

10+0 (Multiplayer)
2+4 (Extinction)

Fire Mode


Used by

Nightfall Program
Rapid Reaction Force

CostFree (Nightfall)

The Venom-X is a special projectile weapon that shoots either acid puddles, fire (Venom-FX), lightning (Venom-LX) or friendly Seeder turrets (Venom-SX), introduced in the Onslaught DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, being featured in the NightfallMayday, and Awakening chapters of Extinction. It also appears as an easter egg in the Unearthed map included in the Devastation DLC.


To obtain it in the map "Unearthed", three black boxes on a crane must be destroyed using explosives, which will cause the box on the end of the crane to fall. Once on the ground, the player can climb into it and pick up the Venom-X. The weapon does not replace any of the players current weapons, meaning that it can act as a "third weapon". It features a ten round magazine. Once picked up, the Venom-X will not respawn, which means it can only be obtained once per game.

It is possible to get the Venom-X from the Ammo Crate pointstreak. Any player can get the Venom-X from the Ammo Crate, not just the player who had had gotten it by doing the Easter Egg. If the projectiles fired are not manually detonated, they will automatically explode after five or six seconds.

While holding the Venom-X, it is not possible to collect Care Packages. Furthermore, when knifing an enemy, the player just swings their knife instead of lunging it into them.


To obtain ammunition for this weapon, players must kill Cryptids and collect the eggs that appear. In-game it has handling similar to that of a grenade launcher, as players shoot it first and detonate it when necessary. The resulting explosion leaves a cloud of corrosive gas that lingers and does damage over time, much like the gas clouds left by Scorpion attacks.

In Nightfall, the Venom-X is found in the Facility after destroying the hive blocking the room inside. There is no actual costs for the Venom-X, so every player will be able to have one without spending money. It doesn't take a weapon slot. For a free weapon it appears to be very effective against the majority of the aliens, but its major downside is its very low ammo count. The weapon cannot be replenished by normal ammo boxes. The weapon can be seen as very effective against the Breeder boss as the gas damage will continue to hit its head weakspot before it stumbles back and reveals its chest weakspot.

In Mayday, it functions the same as in Nightfall, but can be altered into three different variants. There are three parts to upgrade the Venom-X.

In Awakening, the Venom-X can be again obtained from building it from schematics. The Lightning and Fire variants return, but the Seeder variant doesn't.


  • Nucleic Battery (Needed for All)
  • Deactivated Venom-X (Needed for All)
  • Biolum- There are different variations of Biolum, which affects which variant is being built.
    • The normal Biolum can be used to create a regular Venom-X.
    • Orange Biolum - Venom "Fire" X
    • Amethyst Biolum - Venom "Seeder" X
    • Blue Biolum - Venom "Lightning" X


  • Venom-FX: Has an orange glow inside of the gun instead of the normal green and deals fire damage.
  • Venom-SX: Has a magenta glow inside of the gun instead of the normal green and spawns friendly mutated seeder plants
  • Venom-LX: Has a blue glow inside of the gun instead of the normal green, deals electric damage upon detonation and creates an orb of electricity which lasts for a few seconds that damages enemies with electricity.

In order to obtain these variants, the Venom schematic must first be obtained. The parts can be found throughout the map.


  • Turnabout is Fair Play (20 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Kill 50 Cryptids with the Venom-X weapon in Nightfall.
  • The Architect (30 Gamerscore/ Bronze Trophy Bronze Trophy PS3 icon) - Successfully build all of the Schematics in Mayday on Regular or Hardcore difficulty.


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