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This article is a list of quotes that characters say from time to time, from the second Zombies map Verrückt.

Note: In the Black Ops and Black Ops III versions, the Ultimis team appears instead of the Marines and use a variety of quotes heard from other maps.

Marine 1Edit

Quotation Marine 1's QuotesQuotationReverse

Marine 2Edit

Quotation Marine 2's QuotesQuotationReverse

Marine 3Edit

Quotation Marine 3's QuotesQuotationReverse

Marine 4Edit

Quotation Marine 4's QuotesQuotationReverse

Demonic AnnouncerEdit

— After picking up a Nuke.
"Double Points!"
— After picking up Double Points.
— After picking up Insta-Kill.
"Max Ammo!"
— After picking up Max Ammo.

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