The Oil Rig

Vikhorevka 36 Oil Platform is a Russian oil rig that was taken over by the Ultranationalists which was later liberated by a joint operation from Task Force 141 and the United States Navy SEALs.


At an unknown time a large group of Ultranationalist took over the rig, installing S.A.M. sites and taking the workers hostage as an insurance policy, should any American forces attempt an attack.

Due to the S.A.M. missiles posing a threat to the operation of freeing Prisoner 627, Task Force 141 and the SEALS had to retake the rig so the US Marines could disable the SAMs and get to the Petropavlovsk Gulag. The Task Force and SEALs arrived to sneak their way to the hostages, silently killing any enemies who crossed their paths. However, their cover was blown after the teams were forced to go loud after rescuing the hostages on Deck 2. The two teams continued to fight their way to the last group of hostages, while facing opposition from enemy troops and a Little Bird helicopter. After the last of the hostages were rescued, the Task Force reached the helipad and were extracted to leave to free 627.