Ben Franklin third person IW
Ben Franklin
Weapon Class Wonder Weapon
Magazine Size 1 bolt
Cost (Zombies) Free
Maximum Ammunition 1+20
Fire Mode Single-shot


The Ben Franklin is one of the four upgraded crossbows. Whenever this bow is shot lightning will come down and kill zombies in a short area around the blast.

How to obtainEdit

The player must first find a small Wolf statue located around the map. Like the other statues, it shares a random spawn location. After acquiring the statue, the player must head to the recreation area and place the statue by the speakers. 

The player must now damage zombies to about 30% of their health and allow them to be "absorbed" by the statue. After enough zombies are damaged, the statue will be completely charged and will be able to be picked up.

After picking up the statue, head over to the Cabins, and place the statue next to one of the Wolf statues. The player must now kill about 20 zombies with the Vlad near the big statues. Killing zombies at any of the Wolf statues will count towards the bow. After enough zombies are killed, the statue can now be picked up, and once the player does so, the player's Vlad will be replaced with the upgraded Ben Franklin.