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The War Room is a feature introduced in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS) and carried over into Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Mobilized. Accessed from the main menu of the game, the War Room allows the player to view their statistics, collectibles, awards, the game's credits, and delete their save data.


Campaign StatisticsEdit

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Melee kills
  • Grenade kills
  • Thrown grenades
  • Accuracy
  • Shots fired
  • Shots hit
  • Challenge tries
  • Challenges completed
  • Collectibles found

Multiplayer StatisticsEdit

  • Kills
  • Deaths
  • Wins
  • Loses
  • Flags captured
  • Points


  • List of all awards
  • Awards received (indicated by a gold star)
  • Awards yet to receive (indicated by a silhouette of a star)
  • How to achieve each award


This feature is only available in Call of Duty: World at War (Nintendo DS)
  • Picture pieces found (in the form of collectibles)
  • Level unlock code (on each piece)
  • Blueprints for a World War II era nuclear bomb (when the picture is completed)


Notable PointsEdit

  • The player can advance and rewind the credits with the directional pad
  • The player can exit the credits by pressing Start

Delete Save DataEdit

  • Allows the player to delete their save data, essentially formatting the game
  • The player's list of friend codes will be wiped too


  • When the player enters the "Statistics" section, near the top left of the screen a rank is shown. This rank changes depending on the amount of single player kills the player has gotten. The highest rank the player can achieve is "General of the Army".

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