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Appears in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
Used by Settlement Defense Front

UNSA (Captured)

The Warden is a dropship in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.


In the campaign, the Warden is used by the Settlement Defense Front. They can be seen docked at the bay in Operation Taken Dagger.


The Warden appears as a 1100 scorestreak in multiplayer.

The Warden is A.I. controlled and enters the battlefield soon after it's called in. When in the battlefield, it is close to the ground, making it easy to hit it with weapons when directly below it. It tends to disappear behind tall structures, so it usually must be engaged at close range. The Warden has an A.I. controlled machine gun that follows enemies with great precision. The Warden can be set to two firing modes: it can be set to follow the player who called it in, or it can be set to guard a position.

When a player lands the final hit on a Warden, they receive a "Flyswatter" medal. When a player assists in destroying a Warden, they receive a scrap assist, along with 50 points.

The Warden is also equipped with an A.I. controlled missile launcher, and can "Spot" enemies, highlighting them within the players Line of Sight, and though objects. 

The perk Blind Eye renders the player invisible to enemy Wardens. 

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