Weapon Master
WeaponMaster Trophy Icon MWR
Description Get a kill with each type of handheld gun, explosive and launcher in the single player campaign.
Gamer Score 40Gamerscore
Trophy Type Silver Silver Trophy PS3 icon

Weapon Master is a campaign achievement/trophy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. It requires the player to get a kill with each type of handheld gun, explosive, and launcher in the single-player campaign.



Submachine GunsEdit

  • Mini-Uzi: Many enemies drop it throughout the story.
  • MP5: Many enemies drop it throughout the story.
  • MP5SD: Starting weapon in mission "Crew Expendable".
  • AK-74u: Dropped by enemies in "Charlie Don’t Surf".
  • P90 Suppressed: Near the end of "All Ghillied Up", located inside the cargo box maze after passing the tanks and infantry.
  • P90: Dropped by enemies in "Mile High Club".
  • Skorpion: Dropped by enemies in "Mile High Club".

Assault RiflesEdit

  • AK-47: Dropped by lots of enemies throughout the story.
  • M4A1: Starting weapon in "The Bog".
  • G3: Dropped by enemies in "The Bog".
  • M4A1 SOPMOD: Starting weapon in "Blackout".
  • M16A4: Occasionally dropped by teammates in "War Pig".
  • G36C: Can be dropped by enemies in "Hunted".


  • W1200: Found multiple times throughout the story. Can also be dropped by enemies. Can be picked up from the table in the first room in "Charlie Don’t Surf".
  • M1014: Dropped by the first enemy in "Hunted". Also found in many places throughout the story.

Light Machine GunsEdit

Sniper RiflesEdit

  • Dragunov: Found very often throughout the story. Enemies also drop it. Found in the weapons room in "Charlie Don't Surf".
  • M21 Suppressed: Starting weapon in mission “Blackout”.
  • Barrett .50cal: Starting weapon in "One Shot, One Kill".
  • M21: Obtained in "One Shot, One Kill" after the initial sniper sequence.
  • R700: Starting weapon in mission "The Sins of the Father".


  • Flashbang: Part of starting equipment (most missions).
  • M67 Grenade: Part of starting equipment (most missions).
  • C4: Starting equipment in several missions.
  • M203: Available on the starting M4A1 in mission “War Pig”.
  • Claymore: Starting equipment in several missions. The player also has to put up claymores as part of the story in “One Shot, One Kill”.
  • GP-25: Available on some AK-47s dropped by several enemies throughout the story.


  • RPG-7: Spawned by many enemies throughout the campaign. Also has a fixed spawn point in "Heat".
  • Javelin: Used in "The Bog" as a story item.
  • Stinger: Used in "Hunted" as a story item.

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