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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has seen the introduction of multiple weapon variants of a single weapon. These variants, for the most part, have changes in their stats that from the base weapon. The following are the effects of the changes on the weapon variants.[1]

Weapon variants also return in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.



Affects damage values (increase/decrease in damage, and which values are affected, vary from gun to gun), multipliers (XMG, RW1, and MORS), Penetration (ARX-160, MK14, and sniper rifles), Pellets (adds/subtracts one pellet per each damage point - Shotguns only).

AW Damage Positive

AW Damage Negative


Increases/decreases the minimum and/or maximum ranges of weapon variants by 15% (Note: On shotgun variants where the medium damage is decreased, this affects how far the shotgun can actually shoot and hit a target).

AW Range Positive

AW Range Negative

Fire RateEdit

Increases/decreases fire rate (fire time), intro fire rate, burst delay, reload time on the single-shot MORS, and overheating on Directed Energy Weapons (EM1, EPM3, and AE4).

AW Firerate Positive

AW Firerate Negative


Increases/decreases ADS time by 10%, and increases movement speed by 2% (shotguns, sniper rifles, and the SAC3).

AW Mobility Positive

AW Mobility Negative


Increases/decreases Sprint-Out time (Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and the RW1) by 10%, and Hip Fire spread by 10%.

AW Handling Positive

AW Handling Negative


Increases/decreases Viewkick by 10%, Idle Amount and Idle Speed (Sniper Rifles and RW1), and Hipspread by 10% (Shotguns).

AW Accuracy Positive

AW Accuracy Negative

Magazine CapacityEdit

Increases/decreases magazine capacity by a certain number of bullets. The associated number of bullets is deducted/added from the starting reserve ammunition, but the maximum reserve ammo is not affected.

AW Magazine Positive

AW Magazine Negative

Reserve MagazinesEdit

Increases/decreases the starting reserve ammunition by one magazine. The maximum ammunition is not affected.

AW Ammo Positive

AW Ammo Negative


One should be aware that the in-game stats shown do not always reflect how the guns actually perform. For example, the Pytaek Loophole is depicted as having decreased handling (hipfire) in the stats, where as in-game it is actually increased.


  1.,, All information here was found by Marvel4

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