Welcome to the Jungle
Campaign6 BODS
Previous level To The Rescue
Next level Hung Out To Dry
Game Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS)
Character Sgt. Michael Shaw
Team SOG
Place Vietnam
Date 1500 hrs, February 6, 1968
Objective Infiltrate and neutralize a VC camp
Enemies Viet Cong
"Infiltrate and neutralize a VC camp."
— Mission description

"Welcome to the Jungle" is the sixth mission of Call of Duty: Black Ops (Nintendo DS). In this mission, the player must fight through the jungles of Vietnam to a village where the Soviets are testing a new weapon.


  • Pelican One


Pelican-One inserts Shaw and his team with orders to capture a village being used as a test site. To Shaw's right is an M79. The squad moves down the path under fire from VC. Some of the enemies are armed with grenade launchers, so they should be killed first. Once the VC are killed, Shaw falls into a hidden tunnel.

Shaw loses both of his weapons and is ordered by Patterson to proceed with only his knife. Several enemies are hidden throughout the tunnel and ambush Shaw with knives. Shaw needs to react quickly or will be stabbed by the guerrillas. Eventually, Shaw finds an AK-47 and a suppressed Makaraov pistol, and links up with Patterson and Raslov, who are under fire from multiple enemies.

The squad pushes back the VC and reaches another tunnel system. Since this one is aboveground, melee combat is not necessary and the tunnel's protectors are armed with firearms instead of knives. Finally, the squad reaches the village only to find it burning.
Knife BODS

Shaw fights VC in the tunnel.

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