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Wet Work
Cod4 map wetwork
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Easter Egg)
S.A.S. vs. Spetsnaz
Bering Strait
Cargoship with many storage areas
Type of Combat
Mainly close-quarters combat with some medium range firefights
Console Codename (PC)
Campaign Map
"Crew Expendable"
Wet Work minimap CoD4
For other uses, see Wetwork.

Wet Work is a medium-sized multiplayer map featured in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The map takes place on a cargo ship during a storm, and is based on the campaign mission, "Crew Expendable".

Layout Edit

The layout of this map can be considered fairly symmetrical. Both teams spawn at either the bow or stern of the ship, with the upper levels providing a good view of the entire map for long-range play.

The middle of this map is defined by two bridges. The deck area between each of the bridges and spawn areas consists of shipping containers creating a close-quarters environment. These areas lead to the center of the deck where most of the fighting occurs. On the port and starboard sides are shipping containers creating a passage around the middle area. The middle of the deck is fairly open with only a few crates for cover encouraging a mix of close to mid-range combat.


Call of Duty: Online Edit

It appears in Call of Duty: Online as "Freighter". It is an ice-covered version of Wet Work.


Trivia Edit

Cloud looking like a dog Wet Work COD4
  • If the player looks up to the moon, they should be able to see a cloud looking like a dog. The "snout" sticks out and the "mouth" is open. This is also present in the campaign mission "Crew Expendable".
  • It is possible to get out of this map using Old School mode though the player will end up falling endlessly. Go to one of the two crane platforms in the middle of the map and crouch jump on to the crane from the broken or dented fence. Once on the crane it is possible but hard to walk to the tip of the crane and jump into the water (this may take a few attempts to succeed). The crane angled towards the sea works best but it is possible on all of them.
  • Sometimes but very rarely, on the south of the map, it's possible to hear voices.
  • It is possible, on Old School mode to get on top of the Spetznaz spawn.
  • In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's Suspension Special Ops mission, under the bridge to the right, one can see a ship. Inspecting it more closely using a sniper rifle, the player will see that it is Wet Work.
  • The map's name is a euphemism to murder or assassination.

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