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Where Are We Going
Mob of the Dead Soundtrack Album Cover
Album Mob of the Dead Soundtrack
Artist(s) Kevin Sherwood (Writer)
James McCawley (Writer)
Malukah (Vocalist)
Track # 1
Track runtime 2:24
Next track Mob of the Dead Theme
Soundtrack release April 23, 2013
Media Digital download

Where Are We Going is an Easter Egg song for the zombies map Mob of the Dead. Written by Kevin Sherwood and James McCawley, and sung by the popular game-related music vocalist, Malukah. It is the shortest lyrical song.

It is the first track in the Mob of the Dead Soundtrack, with a runtime of 2:24.

Unlike other Easter Egg songs, this one does not require activating objects scattered across the map. Instead, what needs to be done in order to get the song to play is:

1. Find the Warden's key.

2. Unlock the electric number pad where numbers can be entered to acquire the rigging for Icarus.

3. Then, enter the numbers 935 whist in the Afterlife.

The song will then play.

The song can also be played at the main menu or in the Safe House using the Music Player in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Where are we going from here
Where do we go
Are we all blinded by fear

How do we know, How do we know
Where do we go. Where do we go
How do we know, where do we go
Where are we going from here
How do we know, where do we go

Where are we going from here
Do we let go of all we know?
Are we all blinded from fear
Where do we go when we let go

I feel I'm falling from here
Dont let me go
Is it the calling?
we hear, we hear
how do, how do
we know...



  • The part where the player has to enter the numbers 935 is a reference to Group 935.
  • The video posted by Kevin Sherwood above has the words "taT GgA ccT cag aGa cca cGg att gaC gaa Tca acc" in the middle of the song. Properly decoded, this becomes "LET GO AND THE BEGINNING WILL BECOME THE END".[1]