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The Wraith is a tactical strike aircraft and Scorestreak that appears in Call of Duty: Black Ops III.


Wraith (Black Ops III)
Wraith BO3
Used by Winslow Accord
Common Defense Pact
Zurich Security Forces
Weapons Depends on specific mission payload (internally housed for lower stealth profile)

The Wraith appears in the campaign as an autonomous drone used by the 54 Immortals and Nile River Coalition for heavy fire support. Unlike in multiplayer, the Wraith can fly at distances close enough for one to be destroyed by regular gunfire.

The Wraith's light blinks blue for ally while red for enemy. Upon destroying it, will explode into nothingness, aside from the one seen crashing in "New World".

Production historyEdit


  • Weight: 2.2 tons
  • Length: 3 meters
  • Width: 2.5 meters
  • Height: 1.0 meters
  • Active defenses: Smart meta-material coverings allow for optical camouflage, as well as superior radar stealth capabilities.
  • Engine: Twin internally housed, shrouded electric fans for stealth and loiter capabilities, coupled with a turbofan with a top cruise speed of Mach 1.2 for mission insertions and exfil.
  • Power source: 400kW super-capacitor
  • Operational range: 1500km


Wraith Menu Icon BOIII
Wraith (Black Ops III)





When obtained, a player can order the Wraith to arrive at any point on the map. However, once the Wraith sees no more targets to engage, it will change position automatically.

The Wraith has a cloak ability that can be temporarily disabled by gunfire. When the Wraith is cloaked, it cannot be locked onto by launchers and is more difficult to spot.

The Wraith has a flak drone that follows it and will intercept incoming rockets, similarly to the Trophy System. Unlike the Trophy System however, it will ignore scorestreak projectiles, making the Dart and Hellstorm Missile effective ways to destroy it.

It can be taken down with the Banshii shotgun, as it needs three shots from it to be destroyed, however, doing so can be difficult because of the cloak ability of the Wraith and the relative low speed of the Banshii´s energy blast. Two bursts from the Rift E9 will have the same effect as the Banshii, but will have the same difficulties doing so.

A player using Engineer will be able to see the Wraith's red outline regardless of if it being cloaked and is also able to lock onto and fire at the Wraith at all times.

After a patch, the Wraith now requires 3 rockets from XM-53 or BlackCell to be destroyed since the first rocket fired is programmed to be intercepted by Wraith's flak drone.